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3D Scan Pro

Capture Objects as 3D Assets

Pro-level 3D scanning. Accessible to you.

  1. Mind-blowing. Head-turning.


    Transform real-world objects into precise 3D models. Relive 3D-captured memories in augmented reality. Share 3D assets with family and friends. Create magical moments.

  2. Move slow. Scan wow!


    Skip the master’s degree in 3D photogrammetry and start scanning with ease. 3D Scan Pro guides you through the scan pass for best outcomes.

Scan to stand the test of time

Certain memorable objects can’t be captured as images—they need to be conserved from all angles, in three dimensions. Start preserving digital copies of beloved items, capturing their details for you, and future generations.

A tour de force of object capturing.

Preserve cherished items as digital 3D copies. Just circle around them slowly two or three times

Martin LexowApp ahead GmbH
Your new superpower: Relive physical objects as 3D models in AR.

For everything. And everyone. Almost.

  1. Screenshot 1
  2. Screenshot 2
  3. Screenshot 3
  4. Screenshot 4
  5. A 3D-scanned shell, re-experienced in AR, on a beach.
  6. First step of a scanning pass: setting a bounding box around the object you want to scan.
  7. Second step of a scanning pass: Moving slowly around the object.
  8. Loading screen of the 3D Scan Pro app, where the 3D model is generated after all scan passes.
  9. A detailed view of a 3D-scanned drawing figure.