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Stable Diffusion Text-to-Image

Artificial intelligence wrapped in a user-friendly UI

Stable Diffusion in your pocket

Martin LexowApp ahead GmbH

Amplifying your curiosity

Enter your text prompts, and AI Photo will create images based on your descriptions. I’ve put Stable Diffusion into a user-friendly interface for iOS and macOS that operates entirely offline.

Hero image showing AI Photo running on an iPhone, featuring a detailed view of a cat image generated by Stable Diffusion.
Easy to use. Easy to love.

Pushing boundaries. Repeatedly.

  1. A screenshot of AI Photo, with a collection of cat images opened.

    Safety mechanisms

    Concentrate on your ideas in peace. Built-in safety mechanisms avoid generating harmful content by accident.

  2. Privacy by design

    No text prompts or images are leaving your device. Stable Diffusion operates entirely offline. The more RAM, the better.

  3. A screenshot of AI Photo’s settings panel, with the “custom model” tab selected.

    Custom models

    For research purposes, on macOS the app supports using custom CoreML models — if they come with a SafetyChecker file.

AI Photo now runs on iOS and iPadOS, too.

Prompt your creativity

  1. AI Photo running on macOS, displaying an image collection named “cats”, containing a variety of AI-generated cat pictures.
  2. AI Photo running on macOS with the settings panel opened, revealing some preferences made in the “General” tab.
  3. AI Photo’s settings panel on macOS, showing a list with a custom Stable Diffusion model.
  4. AI Photo running on iOS, showing all options available to generate an image.
  5. Two iPhones facing each other, each running AI Photo.
  6. Aesthetic close-up view of AI Photo running on an iPhone.