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Cursor Pro

Highlight. Magnify. Impress.

Deliver screen presentations that leave a lasting impression.

A-plus app for students

Present your screen like a pro

A tastefully designed cursor highlight, highly customizable. A precise magnifier, always within reach. Tailored specifically for professionals, Cursor Pro enables you to dedicate your focus to the content of your presentation.

Cursor Pro running in the macOS dock, with the context menu open and the mouse cursor hovering over “Enable Cursor Pro”.
Cursor Pro lives in your macOS menu bar

Make screen presenting more meaningful

  1. Appearance

    Select shape, size, and colors. Choose border weight, style, and glow. You will intuitively achieve a stunning look that will leave your spectators in awe.

  2. Animations

    Each animation is visually appealing, and also carries a semantic meaning — making it clear at first glance which interaction is currently taking place.

  3. Behaviors

    Struggling to find your mouse pointer? Cursor Pro can beg for attention, if you want it to. Vice versa, it can hide the cursor highlight automatically if no movement is detected.

A quality decision

  1. 4.5
    1,676 ratingsmacOS

All ratings according to the App Store, as of March 10, 2024.

Powerful. Colorful. Wonderful.

  1. Screenshot of Cursor Pro showcasing three different styles of mouse pointer highlights.
  2. Cineastic hero image of a MacBook running Cursor Pro.
  3. The settings panel of Cursor Pro, with the magnifier tab selected, reveals all the available options for configuring the magnifier.
  4. Demonstration of the magnifier feature, showing a small area of Cursor Pro’s settings panel zoomed in.
  5. Cursor Pro’s settings panel, with the appearance tab selected, offers various options to style the cursor highlight, such as shape, size, border weight, and glow.
  6. A cinematic hero image featuring a space-gray iMac running Cursor Pro.
  7. A close-up view of the appearance settings, with a color picker active, picking a main highlight color.
  8. Cursor Pro’s settings panel, with the behavior tab selected.
  9. A close-up view of Cursor Pro’s settings panel, with the magnifier tab selected, and the preview area in its center.