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Mirror Magnet

Desktop Camera Viewer

Check your look. And show it to everyone else.

Make your how-tos look more professional — and, just as important, more helpful

Your camera in front of everything else

Mirror Magnet displays a video from any connected camera in a customizable window that stays on top of everything else on your screen.

The bottom right corner of an orange iMac, with Mirror Magnet running, which displays a camera image of a young woman.
A mirror that floats over your desktop

Mirror, mirror, on the screen

  1. Adaptable

    Make it yours. Customize shape, aspect ratio, shadow and border style. You can even fine-tune saturation, contrast or hue.

  2. Smart positions

    Always in the right spot. Choose one of the predefined positions on the screen, and Mirror Magnet will place your camera image automatically.

  3. Hover effects

    Never gets in your way. If you hover your mouse pointer over the video, it can change its opacity and blurriness, revealing content that is behind it.

All that, and then some

  1. 4.6
    297 ratingsmacOS

All ratings according to the App Store, as of March 10, 2024.

Beauty runs in the family

  1. Mirror Magnet’s settings panel, with the camera tab opened, showing a video preview among some customization options.
  2. Detail view of Mirror Magnet’s settings panel, highlighting all options to customize your camera image.
  3. Detail view of Mirror Magnet’s beautiful camera preview in the settings panel.
  4. Mirror Magnet’s settings panel, with the appearance tab selected, reveals that users can change the shape, aspect ratio, orientation, and size of the camera image.
  5. A glimpse on Mirror Magnet’s smart display options.
  6. Extended detail view of Mirror Magnet’s appearance options, where users can define the video’s shape, aspect ratio, orientation, size, border, shadow, opacity, and hover behavior.
  7. Side-by-side example of Mirror Magnet’s hover effects: on the left, a camera image is being hovered over, which makes it blurry and adds transparency, while on the right, another image remains unhovered.
  8. Mirror Magnet’s settings panel, with the general tab selected, reveals the autostart and hot key options.
  9. Mirror Magnet’s onboarding window features the prominent app icon on top, with a few hints at the bottom.