Support for Keystroke Pro

Thank you for using the app. It’s made by just one person—that’s me. If you’re looking for help, you’ve come to the right place.

Articles about Keystroke Pro

  1. — Keystrokes are not visible when I share my screen
  2. — Keystrokes are not visible when another app is in fullscreen mode
  3. — The app crashes on a macOS beta version
  4. — The app prompts to login, fails to start, or is damaged

Track Issues · Suggest Features

I prefer to track issues and feature requests on GitHub, because it’s transparent to everyone. If you’re familiar with GitHub, I encourage you to submit your request in the support repository. Thank you!

Individual Assistance

For individual correspondence, you can reach out via email. Time is precious, and while I strive to respond to all messages, please understand that as a sole entrepreneur, I am not able to reply to each one. Rest assured, I carefully review every email I receive.

Email support​@​appahead​.​studio

I aim to answer most of my support mails within 10 business days. Sometimes I may get behind, and I appreciate your patience.

Please refrain from sending me unsolicited promotional emails.