Why Holding On Is the New Letting Go

Keep memories, not clutter—transform items into 3D scans

Dall-E generated image, spring-themed, modernist home in the style of a classical oil painting.
Over time, a lot of things can accumulate that we don’t really need.

Spring is a season of renewal, a time to shed unnecessary clutter and make room for new beginnings. Yet, parting with objects can be difficult, whether due to sentimental value or feelings of guilt. This is where my app, 3D Scan Pro, comes in. It allows you to preserve items without the need to keep them physically—by digitizing them into 3D models.

From Death Cleaning to 3D Keepsaking

From your child’s first kindergarten art sculpture to your teenage years’ model car collection, the hideous garden gnome that has mysteriously become a family heirloom, or that instrument from your recent mid-life crisis — it’s objects of this size that are perfect for scanning. Preserve their glory forever: simply scan them, store them digitally as actual 3D models, and relive them anytime in Augmented Reality, allowing them to make you smile — or cringe — all over again. After all, it’s not the objects we want to keep, but the memories and emotions they evoke.

Change of Mind? 3D Print Your Scans

With a high-fidelity 3D scan of an object, you obtain a digital copy that can also be 3D-printed to become a physical object once more. 3D Scan Pro utilizes advanced LiDAR-powered photogrammetry algorithms to transform real-world objects into precise 3D models. No master’s degree required: the app guides you through the scanning process for optimal results.

The Art of Not Letting Go

You’ve got this! Use this spring to declutter while simultaneously preserving memories. 3D Scan Pro is free to download.